Registration and Round Dates



The registration for this year’s Cambridge Schools Competition is now open at

This year we will be hosting regional rounds during the autumn term with a particular focus on regions further away from Cambridge, to ensure that teams reaching the Final have access to cheaper travel and accommodation as it can be booked further in advance. The dates for this year’s regional rounds will posted as soon as host schools have been consulted. If you do not have a suitable location near you then please email us and we will see if we can setup another round.

Age entry requirements are for the students to be at least 13 and not older than 19 years old by March the third 2020. It is recommended that debaters are at least 15 years old by then, however younger debaters are still encouraged to sign up.

Places will be allocated on a first come-first served basis, although if you do not pay in a timely manner your places may be taken away and given to a team on the waiting list.


Our mission is to spread the art of debating and promote critical thought amongst students, to not only broaden their horizons but to also to give them the ability to represent themselves and achieve their ambitions. In order to achieve this we are, this year, offering thousands of pounds in full and partial bursaries alongside support for travel and accommodation.

The Bursary Application sections can be found within the registration form above. If you apply for a bursary but are unsuccessful you may withdraw any entered teams free of charge. Your Bursary application is evaluated on criteria meant to boost accessibility, calibrated using the details you provide regarding the financial status of schools and students, such as the percent of free school meals and the grade statistics of your school.
For any additional questions regarding Bursaries, email Sara Dehvari and Rob Brown at If you would like to apply for support with travel or accommodation similarly use the above email.

What you get…

Cambridge Schools is one of the largest and most prestigious schools debating competitions in the world. But, above all, we aim for all those who enter to have a enjoyable and memorable time. Those who compete will receive:

  • The opportunity to compete in a regional round of a prestigious competition organised by the oldest debating society in the world.
  • The chance to qualify for the Cambridge Schools Final, at the Cambridge Union Chamber, alongside the best schools debating teams in the world.
  • In Depth feedback and advice from our experienced Judges, many of whom compete and national and international tournaments, representing Cambridge University.
  • Interesting and challenging motions that can hugely develop your public speaking, creative, analytical and logical thinking skills as you formulate your own arguments and overcome your opposition.